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Census Bloodbath: 1981

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I did it! I made it through my first year of Census Bloodbath! It only took me almost an entire year! Now we can get into the Golden Age, far enough away from the proto-slashers that To All a Goodnight and Silent Scream almost feel like a distant dream.

Now I know you're all excited for my all-encompassing closing thoughts on 1980, but due to their all-encompassy nature, it will take a bit for me to get it all down properly. In the meantime, please enjoy this preview for the next stage of Census Bloodbath! As I review each film, I will link to it from this page.

Also - notice the instant jump in the number of titles available. 1981 wasn't messing around - it's known as the prime year for the subgenre for a very good reason.

Census Bloodbath: 1981
Movies in bold are films I have already seen but will review again. Once I write each review, I will link to it from this page.

Scream/The Outing (January 1)
My Bloody Valentine (February 11)
The Demon (March 1)
The Funhouse (March 13)
Love Massacre (March 26)
The Black Cat (April 4)
Bloody Birthday (April 28)
The Burning (May 8)
The Fan (May 15)
Final Exam (June 5)
Road Games (June 26)
Sannata (July 31)
Student Bodies (August 7)
Deadly Blessing (August 14)
Evilspeak (August 22)
Hell Night (August 28)
Lady Stay Dead (September 10)
Just Before Dawn (October 14)
Strange Behavior/Dead Kids (October 16)
Nightmare (October 23)
Halloween II (October 30)
The Prowler (November 6)
Sansani: The Sensation (unknown)
Wolf/Srigala (unknown)
Word Count: 338

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  1. So I knew almost none of the 1980 slashers you covered, but I recognize a whole lot of these. Alot of these movies are on blu ray or coming out on blu ray soon, so that's at least good for slasher fans. My favorite movie for 1981 is Halloween II. I love Halloween II and think it's like a bigger and more fun version of Halloween. Not as masterful but more kills and a great follow up.