Sunday, April 20, 2014

Q Is For Quit It

Today's Blogging From A to Z Challenge is the antithesis of the last one, the horror movies I hold in lowest regard! Now, seeing that there are many many types of crappy horror out there, I am going to unleash a couple parameters on this. Direct to video films are fair fodder, but there must be some sort of studio with a minimum budget behind the film. Otherwise the entire top 10 would be self released crap made on crackerjack budgets. That's not interesting for you and it's not a pleasant stroll down memory lane for me.

So no. No Psycho Santa. Even though it is possibly the worst film I have ever seen with my own two eyes, I'm not even sure it counts as a film. Also, remember that I love bad movies so to make this list, these are the lowest of the low. So crappy as to be totally devoid of cheese, camp, or any sort of real entertainment value.

Warning: Some images contain gore and/or language. Also, some images are hella dumb because the movies are so terrible there aren't even adequate gifs of them.

Brennan's 25 Least Favorite Horror Films - 2014

#25 Chernobyl Diaries (2012)

#24 Paranormal Activity 4 (2012)

#23 Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013)

#22 The Last Exorcism Part II (2013)

#21 [REC] 3: Génesis (2012)

#20 House (1986)

#19 The Grudge 3 (2009)

#18 The Silent Scream (1980)

#17 Hayride (2012)

#16 Graduation Day (1981)

#15 The Gingerdead Man (2005)

#14 Rasen (1998)

#13 Silent Night, Bloody Night (1972)

#12 Prom Night (2008)

#11 Don't Answer the Phone (1980)

#10 Return to Sleepaway Camp (2008)

#9 Ju-On: White Ghost / Black Ghost (2009)

#8 A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)

#7 Don't Go in the Woods (2010)

#6 The Summer of Massacre (2011)

#5 Escape From Tomorrow (2013)

#4 Halloween II (2009)

#3 Session 9 (2001)

#2 Christmas Evil (1980)

#1 Zombie Diaries 2 (2011)

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