Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Writing for Other People: September 2018

Here are all the articles I've written elsewhere in the past month or so!

Ghastly Grinning: Horror Sommelier

On the web site dedicated to positivity in horror, I'm using my Fright Flashback sensibilities every month to pair the big theatrical releases with the perfect horror movie double feature.

Check out my article for September right here.

Dread Central: Brennan Went to Film School

In this column, I use film school analysis techniques to find the deeper meaning in horror movies, while still being as pithy and immature as always. Here are my articles from the past two months:

In BAIT, Purgatory Means Atoning for Your Sins Via Great White Shark

An Ode to the Kevin Williamson Teen

Also, it's Back to School month at Dread Central and you know I can't resist me a nice chat about college horror movies, so I also wrote an article ranking the Best Bang-for-Your-Buck slasher movie universities.

Check it out here!

Alternate Ending: Diversifying My Interests

Over at Alternate Ending, I get to prove that I have interests other than horror movies. But I still write about horror movies, because come on. Halloween is coming up!

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