Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Let The Bodies Hit The Floor

Hello everybody! Now that I'm comfortably a tenth of the way into my Census Bloodbath project (ONLY a tenth. I know! There's so many!), I've actually decided to adjust the formatting a little bit. In case you hadn't already noticed, after the body count number in each review, I am now putting a more detailed list of exactly who dies and how they die.

I abstained from doing this at first because I didn't want to "spoil" anything but I decided that that's nonsense, and considering that a good number of these films are barely covered at all, my blog will be one of the only sources of information on the topic, so I wanted to have as much accurate information as possible to help people who - for whatever strange reason - need that information quickly and don't have time to watch the movies.

So my new reviews have been incorporating that feature and I have worked to retrofit all my past reviews to fit the new structure. A couple of them are a little less precise than I want them to be at the moment because some of these movies are so rancid I don't want to peruse them to harvest character names, but they are accurate as much as I can get them.

Just for organization's sake, and because it's a nice way to look back at all the work that I've already done, here's a link list for the slasher reviews that I've already published (all of them are retrofitted to the best of my ability). Look at me go. Only 250 or so left on the docket.

Wes Craven's New Nightmare
Word Count: 464

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