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My Friend Phoebe

Everybody remembers the classic song "Smelly Cat," but the other songs of the illustrious Phoebe Buffay never get as much ink as they deserve! Enter Brennan

The Top Ten Phoebe Songs

#10 "Best Day Ever / Don't Take No For An Answer"

Episode: "The Last One" (S10:E17)

In the final episode, many of the series' running gags came back to play, first and foremost Phoebe's songwriting. In this episode she attempts to create a musical out of Ross and Rachel's life but keeps getting interrupted whenever she really gets into it. It's a disappointment for her and for us because I have a feeling these songs in full could have been a ton of fun.

#9 "Argentina"

Episode: "The One with Rachel's Dream" (S9:E19)

Although Phoebe would be the ideal entertainment for any party I was hosting, Monica doesn't seem to appreciate it when she performs for the long line outside of her five star restaurant. Goodness knows why when they can take in this lilting melody about the black market for human organs.

#8 "Shower Song"

Episode: "The One with the Baby on the Bus" (S2:E6)

Although Phoebe's guitar playing had been a facet of the show since episode one, it wasn't until this episode, featuring Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders that it was brought to the forefront. The main story of this episode is Phoebe getting kicked out of her performance time slot in favor of a professional singer despite providing Central Perk with such essential melodies as this song, which she wrote in the shower.

#7 "Babies"

Episode: "The One with the Birth" (S1:E23)

First off, I'm sorry for the unforgivably crappy video. I have not yet achieved a high enough Thetan level to be able to find stellar quality clips of everything I desire. But this song designed to help comfort Ross during his ex-wife's birthing process is totally worth the one or two pixels used to display it.

#6 "Holiday Song"

Episode: "The One with the Girl From Poughkeepsie" (S4:E10)

Have you ever tried to write a poem about your girlfriend or boyfriend? Has their name ever been something like Morticia or Oliver? Then you know Phoebe's struggle when she tries to write a holiday song about all of her friends but gets caught up on finding a rhyme with "Chandler." The final product is absolute magic.

#5 "Two of Them Kissed Last Night"

Episode: "The One with the List" (S2:E8)

Phoebe's songs are rarely major plot points, but she really got her chance to shine in Season Two. This one is all about Ross' illicit smooch with Rachel during his relationship with Julie. Only it's expertly coded by Phoebe so that nobody would ever be able to uncover its true meaning. One of the most hilarious moments of the season that put Friends on the map to supernova stardom.

#4 "Snowman"

Episode: "The One with the Monkey" (S1:E10)

Once the period where the writers were still solidifying the characters was over, the show allowed for such hilarious moments as this cheerful holiday song about her mother's suicide. Thank you, writers!

#3 "The Woman Smelled Like Garbage"

Episode: "The One with Rachel's Dream" (S9:E19)

Another song from Phoebe's performance outside of Monica's restaurant! This is one of my absolute favorites because of the juxtaposition of her society lady outfit with her vigorously uncouth songwriting material.

#2 "Another Thing That You Don't Wanna Do"

Episode: "The One After the Super Bowl" (S2:E12)

As Tommy Wiseau says, love is blind. I suppose love is deaf as well because one of Phoebe's many boyfriends allowed her to sing this song to children at his library. Not that I mind, but maybe next time he should hire with his brain and not with his... swimsuit appendage.

#1 "Smelly Cat"

Episode: "The One with the Baby On the Bus" (S2:E6)

OK, maybe I sold out. But this song is classic for a reason! Check out the high quality music video Phoebe had put together by a potential record label!
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