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BH: Ten Obscure Horror Flicks Streaming Right Now on Amazon Prime

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We’ve all been there. Scrolling through our favorite streaming video service, desperately searching for something in the horror section that we haven’t actually seen before. Instead of giving up and just watching GREEN ROOM again, here are 10 more obscure titles that you can try out, all currently streaming on Amazon Prime.
Note that some of these titles are obscure for a reason — they’re not all masterpieces, but if you’re a devoted horror fan, you just might find something you love.
Five years before SCREAM, there was THERE’S NOTHING OUT THERE!, a lesser-known horror parody about a group of teens in a cabin being attacked by an alien monster. The only one who can save them is a horror fan brought along for the ride. The director Rolfe Kanefsky was only 20 years old when he shot this movie, and he went on to direct a roster of horror icons including Dee Wallace, Brad Dourif, and Tiffany Shepis.
Sometimes the title just says it all. This is the unholy marriage of a Hong Kong martial arts flick and a gooey 80’s splatter fest, where our hero not only has to fight the reanimated dead, but a magical priest, a vampire, and his father’s possessed corpse. Movie concepts just don’t get better than this.
MOONSTALKER, unfortunately, does not actually take place on the moon, but it does feature a killer named Bernie slashing up a secluded campground. For a while, this flick is just another forested stalk ‘n slash, but the second half goes some incredibly zany places that have to be seen to be believed.
Even in this day and age, it can be tough to find certain gialloofferings online, so Italian cinema fans should jump on this opportunity to check out Luciano Ercoli’s lesser-known flick, about the death of a famous jewel thief and the melodramatic, murderous aftermath.
BABY JANE? (2010)
This is the remake of WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE? as performed by drag queens that you didn’t know you needed. It’s half shot-for-shot remake, half acid-tongued parody, all enormous giddy camp. This is how you truly pay proper homage to a beloved cult flick.
With more titles than it has characters (the film is also known as THE BLOOD DEMON, THE SNAKE PIT AND THE PENDULUM, and CASTLE OF THE WALKING DEAD), THE TORTURE CHAMBER OF DR. SADISM is a West German riff on THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM starring Christopher Lee as a wicked murderer who returns from the dead to seek bloody revenge.
Slasher movies are getting less and less frequent these days, especially in multiplexes, but if you’re wiling to go the indie route, BLOOD WAS EVERYWHERE is a recent title that just might be worth a shot in the dark. Keep an eye out for an appearance by FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 3’s Paul Kratka as Uncle Dave!
I can’t say I recommend this ill-lit, poorly paced Video Nasty, but I also can’t say it doesn’t feature an infamous scene where Bigfoot rips off a biker’s ding dong. NIGHT OF THE DEMON is peppered with some of the most bizarre murder sequences you’ll ever see, so check it out if you have the patience.
“Pray he kills you before you scream!” SHADOWS RUN BALCK is what happens when a gritty crime thriller collides with a slasher movie. Starring Kevin Costner in an early role, it’s definitely a unique curio.
A Whole Mess of WITCHCRAFT Movies
I wouldn’t necessarily recommend the 15-part WITCHCRAFT series, but if you want a peek into the mind of our very own Rebekah McKendry (who has seen every last one of them, bless her heart), here’s a good slate to get you started. Amazon is currently streaming about half of the low budget Satanic oddities, including the original 1988 WITCHCRAFT and its incredibly titled sequels WITCHCRAFT II: THE TEMPTRESS (1990), WITCHCRAFT III: THE KISS OF DEATH (1991), WITCHCRAFT IV: THE VIRGIN HEART (1992), WITCHCRAFT V: DANCE WITH THE DEVIL (1993), WITCHCRAFT VIII: SALEM’S GHOST (1996), and WITCHCRAFT IX: BITTER FLESH (1997).

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