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BH: Listen to These Nine Horror Podcasts Made by Fans of SHOCK WAVES!

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It’s so easy to listen to podcasts. You can listen while driving, doing chores, working, eating, sorting your Blu-Ray collection, catching butterflies, and on and on and on. But if you’re a ravenous podcast consumer, you can whittle down the available episodes in no time at all. Then it’s time to dive deeper into the world of more obscure podcasts to find something to fill your feed.
But don’t just grab any old podcast! Why not check out these nine fun horror-related shows created by fans of the Blumhouse podcast SHOCK WAVES, which I hope many of you are already subscribed to. These are all podcasts hosted or co-hosted by members of the Shock Waves Horror Movie Club group on Facebook, your premiere place for horror fans discussing everything fun and flirty about the genre. Check it!
We couldn’t have a list like this and not include an entry from our Facebook group’s intrepid moderator and contributor BJ Colangelo! The Queen of Scream is joined by Sean Duregger and Brad Henderson in this fun podcast that covers classic, cult, and indie horror. They have an impressive roster of guests, like MANIAC’s Bill Lustig, LEPRECHAUN 3 & 4’s Brian Trenchard-Smith, and SPRING duo Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead. As you should already know, BJ always brings an incredibly fun perspective, and this podcast is definitely one not to miss.
Try This Episode: “ScreamCast 67: Morality vs. the Horror Fan” (released 7/7/2015)
Kill by Kill co-hosts Patrick Hamilton and Gena Radcliffe pride themselves on discussing (and making jokes about) the least-explored element of any slasher film: the characters. As they work their way through the FRIDAY THE 13TH franchise two or three kills at a time, they crack wise about pop culture, discuss which ways they’d prefer to be murdered, and agonize over the motivations and personalities of slasher movie characters. They have a unique talent for noticing details that you’ve never ever noticed in films you’ve seen a dozen times. Special guests have included WIZARD OF GORE director Jeremy Kasten, ROOM 237 documentarian Rodney Ascher, and (for their PROM NIGHT special episode), the actual real-life woman Patrick took to prom!
Try This Episode: “Episode 14 – Friday the 13th Part 3D (with Clint Worthington)” (released 11/11/2016)
Full disclosure, one of the co-hosts of this particular podcast is Yours Truly.  I’m obviously a huge horror nerd, but my co-host Sergio is a novice. Every month we review four films from a different horror subgenre (recent months included giallo flicks, 70’s proto-slashers, and aquatic horror), starting at the big popular titles (TENEBRAE, JAWS) and narrowing down to the more obscure as we go (YOUR VICE IS A LOCKED ROOM AND ONLY I HAVE THE KEY, ORCA: THE KILLER WHALE). Our different perspectives provide for some interesting conversations, if I do say so myself!
Try This Episode: “Halloween Bonus: HALLOWEEN II (1981) w/ Patrick Hamilton of Kill by Kill” (released 10/31/2016)
As the name implies, this is a weekly podcast covering all kinds of horror topics. The show is hosted by George Healy and Nick Rollins (who also run some killer live videos on the Halloweekly Facebook group). A few episodes ago, they started a fun project titled “How Low Can We Go?” where each week they review poorly rated horror movies on Rotten Tomatoes, starting at 59% and working their way down one point at a time. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for the single digits.
Try This Episode: “Revisiting the Carrie Remake” (released 5/31/2017)
From Mike Wood, Chris Mann, and Bobby Trippett, The Grindbin is a grindhouse/exploitation podcast. Every week they dust off a classic grindhouse title from the 70’s and 80’s. It’s not always a horror title, but it’s a fascinating glimpse into an era of cinema that deserves a closer look. I’m a particular fan of last November, in which they did a five-part marathon of Linda Blair vehicles.
Try This Episode: “Episode 36 – Hell Night (1981) – Blairvember Part 4” (released 11/23/2016)
Shock Waves fans span from all over the globe, as proven by Scott and Liam, who co-host this horror double feature podcast from sunny Scotland. Every two weeks, they tackle two thematically linked horror flicks for this fun and gloriously NSFW podcast.
Try This Episode: “Scott & Liam vs Krampus/Silent Night, Deadly Night” (released 12/16/2016)
Jennifer Lovely and Michael Montoure co-host this podcast which lives up to Jennifer’s last name. This one is less of a specific review show, following the Shock Waves model of discussing a wide-ranging horror topic every episode, from Spanish horror to favorite directors to romance and fairy tales.
Try This Episode: “Episode 30: Wes Craven Retrospective” (released 9/21/2015)
There are a half-dozen incarnations of the Decades of Horror podcasts, but The Classic Era (covering the silent era through the 1960’s) is an essential guide to a period in horror that more fans need to consider with open arms. Hosts Erin, Joseph, Jeff, and Chad will lead you through big titles like KING KONG and PSYCHO, but you’d be remiss if you ignored their more obscure picks, like 1967’s MANEATER OF HYDRA or 1949’s THE QUEEN OF SPADES.
Try This Episode: “The Tingler (1959) – Episode 5” (released 3/29/2017)
OK, I can’t exactly speak to the quality of this one because the entire podcast (co-hosted by SW fan Sébastien Bouc-Hard) is in French, which I admittedly do not speak. But 1) It’s incredible that Shock Waves has fans all across the world, and 2) It sounds so well-produced I want to get started on Rosetta Stone right away.
Try This Episode: Je ne sais pas

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