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BH: Five Hilarious Horror Movie Blooper Reels

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I’m a longtime horror fan, so there aren’t a lot of movies that faze me anymore. But when a horror flick does get under my skin, leaving me sitting on the couch with the credits rolling and a chill down my spine, there’s one thing I always do: Check to see if there’s a blooper reel. You’d be surprised how many scary movies have them, and it always helps me calm down to see the actors, obviously alive, goofing around on set and reminding me that this is all just make-believe. And sometimes, they’re genuinely laugh-out-loud funny. Here are some of my favorites!
Who doesn’t need a cooldown after watching Neil Marshall’s THE DESCENT? I love this blooper reel because it shows how tight-knit the cast really was, and what a rapport they developed with the crew during their time on this perfectly claustrophobic set. Also, it’s harder to be afraid of cave monsters when they’re dancing around after effects shots.
Best Bloop: That exit sign! I love how the actress rolls with it, taking it entirely seriously, in character, instead of just bursting into giggles.

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Another delight of horror movie blooper reels is seeing the other side of iconic villain performances. Watching Anthony Hopkins cracking wise in full Lecter regalia is a truly surreal experience, more mind-bending than any Gaspar Noé film.
Best Bloop: Agent Starling commanding a perp to do the hokey pokey at gunpoint.
A good blooper reel requires a good cast, and SCREAM had one of the best ensembles of the 90’s. There’s a real sense of fun in this glimpse backstage, whether it’s Jamie Kennedy pointing out the obvious (that Skeet Ulrich looks weirdly like Johnny Depp) or Wes Craven having a ball mopping the floor while shooting his cameo.
Best Bloop: Courtney Cox repeatedly getting tongue-tied over her line about Sidney’s mother’s murder.
I find this blooper reel particularly fascinating because it gives us a glimpse we haven’t really seen before into the behind-the-scenes process of making a found footage movie. We get to see the crew attempt to work around the frame and T. J. Miller goof around with a bunch of extras, but the coolest part is the final minute, which gives us a glimpse of a massive city street set mid-destruction.
Best Bloop: An intimate bedroom moment accidentally reveals a crew member feet away from the supposedly alone actress.
THE WITCH is one of the scariest horror films in recent memory, so we’re all lucky we got to see bloopers so soon, for our sanity’s sake. It’s especially strange to watch actors break character in this fully realized, anachronistic world, but doubly funny for it.
Best Bloop: Anya Taylor-Joy’s line is interrupted by a horse loudly peeing behind her.

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