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BH: Nine Lesser-Known Horror Titles Currently Streaming on Hulu

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It might not be the most popular streaming service around, but Hulu is a force to be reckoned with, especially now that their limited series THE HANDMAID’S TALE is drawing HOUSE OF CARDS-level buzz. So if you’re thinking of jumping on the Hulu bandwagon, I’m here to be your handy guidepost to the genre material you can find on their service. Here are 10 lesser-known horror movies and series that might just convince you to give that one month free trial a go!
Dominic Monaghan, Ron Perlman, Angus Scrimm, and Larry Fessenden are in a movie together. What more do you need to know? This grave-robbing horror comedy comes from the director of the V/H/S segment “Tuesday the 17th.”
Spanish director Alex de la Iglesia is criminally underrated in the States, so I’ll take every opportunity to spread his gospel. This horror-comedy about armed robbers running into a town full of witches is an excellent stepping stone to his subversive classics like DAY OF THE BEAST.
FEAR, INC. (2016)
An indie horror-comedy from last year, FEAR, INC. is kind of like an ungodly hybrid of THE GAME and SCREAM. A self-aware nod at fans of escape rooms and real-life haunts, it’s the story of a bored young man who signs up for an immersive horror movie experience. Only… is he actually in danger? It’s a lighthearted, winking flick that’s worth a shot on a lazy weekend evening.
Ryan Reynolds stars in this horror-comedy subversion of DR. DOOLITTLE, in which a lonely office worker gets advice from his evil talking pets. It flew completely under the radar, which is a damn shame — because the world needs more bizarre content exactly like this.
Basically, it’s HEATHERS, but with a cast of ’90s horror go-to’s: Rose McGowan, Julie Benz, and Rebecca Gayheart star in this twisted high school movie about a prank gone deadly. It also features Carol Kane, P.J. Soles, Pam Grier, Judy Greer (no relation), Marilyn Manson, and William Katt… so beyond everything else, it is very aware of its genre lineage.
One of the more interesting zombie film entries in recent years, PONTYPOOL is a Canadian import that takes a completely unique approach: Language itself is at the center of the spread of this virus, and it’s up to a small radio station crew to try and solve the problem!
IN THE FLESH (2013-2014)
Speaking of zombies… this nine-episode British series is one of the most tender depictions of undead revenants you’ll ever see. Set in a world where zombies can keep their violent instincts at bay with medication, it’s a tale of prejudice in a small town that’s only compounded by the fact that we follow the life, undeath, and loves of a zombified gay teen. It’s a chilling allegory that will tug at your heartstrings.
INSIDE NO. 9 (2014- )
A British anthology series that our very own Rebekah McKendry has evangelized many times on the SHOCK WAVES podcast, INSIDE NO. 9 takes place in a wide variety of locations and eras, with the connective tissue being that every episode takes place somewhere labeled with the number 9 — whether it be a warehouse unit, an apartment number, or something more sinister.
DIMENSION 404 (2017- )
Here’s another anthology series — but this time one that Hulu itself produced! Each episode follows a different terror of the digital age, like a BLACK MIRROR for the streaming set… and while it certainly isn’t at the towering caliber of that BBC show, it has an incredibly solid cast, whose names alone should perk up your ears: Mark Hamill! Patton Oswalt! Joel McHale! Megan Mulally! Ken Foree! Tom Noonan! Come on!

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