Friday, January 12, 2018

Blumhouse Is Dead, Long Live Blumhouse!

Hey everybody!

As you probably know, I have spent the first seven months of 2017 writing for the horror blog over at, a job which I was very dedicated to (which is why you only got one or two reviews a week on this end, at best). Unfortunately, due to corporate decrees made far above my station, the web site was shut down back in summer and has now officially been dissolved.

The takeaway is twofold:

1) I need a job, so hit me up.

2) I have salvaged all my old Blumhouse content, which is now posted on my blog and backdated so it doesn't swamp anybody's RSS feed. Be warned: they're in no particular order and the formatting will be a little wonky, because I had to bail them out of a sinking web site with no time to spare. But here it all is! Please feel free to check out any ones you might have missed!

10 Rules for Surviving a Horror Film Not Mentioned in SCREAM
Horror's Most Effective (And Underused) Weapon: The Fire Extinguisher
5 Non-Horror Directors That Need to Direct a Horror Film
5 Popular Horror Films You Might Not Realize Were Directed by Women
Gizmo was an Alien? Five Bizarre Revelations from Horror Movie Novelizations
The Top 10 Dean Koontz Novels
Five Slasher Villains You Can Take Home to Mom
A Definitive Ranking of NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 3's Dream Warriors
The Strange and Infamous History of Britain's Holloway Sanitarium
Five Unlikely Couples Found in Horror Fan Fiction
The REAL LIFE Story of Four Portland Students Locked in a Haunted House
10 Obscure Slasher Films You Need to See
10 Lesser-Known Adolescent Horror Books
10 Great Horror Posters from the 2010's
5 Movies So Extreme They Sent Viewers to the Emergency Room
Five Hilarious Horror Movie Blooper Reels
Why SEED OF CHUCKY is the Radically Queer Film We All Need Right Now
5 of the Goriest Kills in Non-Horror Movies
An Interview With Chris Alexander And HELLRAISER II’s Barbie Wilde On BLUE EYES!
A Readthrough of the SIXTH SENSE Children’s Book Series
Was Thomas Edison a Murderer? The Mysterious Disappearance of a Film Pioneer
Five Non-Horror Directors Who DID Make a Horror Movie
6 Great Road Trip Horror Movies
Ten ’80s Slasher Posters That Are Better Than the Actual Movies
Enter the White Void with Poppy, YouTube’s Most Ethereal and Disturbing Personality
Five Horror Movie Diseases You Wouldn’t Want to Catch
Seven Great Songs That Were Ruined by Horror Movies
Five Minor Injuries That Are Actually the Grossest Moments In Gory Movies
Ten Obscure Horror Flicks Streaming Right Now on Amazon Prime
Interview with DAWN OF THE DEAD’s Ken Foree About his New Film THE MIDNIGHT MAN!
How Wes Craven’s Porno Predicted His Entire Filmography
Meet the Newest Big Horror Icons: The Minions
Wes Craven's Top 10 Nightmare Scenes
Nine Lesser-Known Horror Titles Currently Streaming on Hulu
The Haunted Save Mart of Chowchilla, California
Ten Horror Franchises You've Probably Never Heard Of
Eight Movies with Horribly Misleading Titles (And What to Watch Instead)
Five Obscure Horror Titles on the National Film Registry
Happy Fourth Of July! Here Are The Six Best Flag-Based Horror Movie Deaths
8 Essential Books About Horror Movies
6 Genre Movies Produced by the Last Person You’d Expect
Enjoying THE HANDMAID’S TALE? Check Out These 9 Other Allegorical Horror Titles!
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Eight Truly Terrifying Modern Movie Masks
Harry Potter Was in TROLL? Exploring Weird Horror Movie Name Doppelgängers
Five Slasher Movies That Roger Ebert Actually Liked
The Political Timeliness of SEOUL STATION — Animated Prequel to TRAIN TO BUSAN

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