Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Blumhouse: Spring Cleaning

Please enjoy another roundup of my newest articles at Blumhouse.com!

Why SEED OF CHUCKY is the Radically Queer Film We All Need Right Now

I was very proud of this article, in defense of a frequently misunderstood sequel that I find to be pretty brilliant, but it arrived to a resounding chorus of absolutely nobody caring. Oh well.

Five Hilarious Horror Movie Blooper Reels

This is a topic I've secretly loved for a long, long time but I've never thought to write about. I wonder what else this job will wring out of the deep, dark parts of my brain cavity.

5 Movies So Extreme They Sent Viewers to the Emergency Room 

Sure, people can be wimps, but some of these films are gross as hell. The thing I find most interesting about horror is that it's one of the few genres that can actually affect an audience physically, something that defines powerful art.

Art is Not Dead: 10 Great Horror Posters from the 2010's

I really dug into the It Follows poster in this article and I hit a rich vein of analysis I didn't know I had in me. Also, here's a runner up poster for good measure.

Like GOOSEBUMPS? Try 10 Lesser-Known Adolescent Horror Books

During the writing of this article, I discovered a wellspring of horror knowledge that revealed I've been into the genre for a whole lot longer than I originally thought.
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