Monday, January 19, 2015

Coming Out Into The Spotlight

Hi, everybody! As I'm sure you've noticed because you are an astute and voracious Popcorn Culture reader, I have been experiencing a brief slowing of my posting frequency. Never you fear, a veritable avalanche of posts is coming your way. But the reason for these temporary hiatuses is that I have now become a writer for the gay entertainment site The Backlot!

It's really thrilling to have my own byline, be exposed to thousands of new readers, and to (shh) actually be paid for what I'm writing. It's mostly small news items, but today I released my biggest post, a recap of yesterday's episode of Looking. I'm very proud of it and decided to use it as my sort of debutante coming out party with the site.

It doesn't mean that I'm leaving Popcorn Culture - on the contrary! I just needed some time to adjust to my new workload. But now you have just one more avenue to bring Brennan into your delicious little eyes. Please go check it out!

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