Friday, August 3, 2018

Writing for Other People Roundup #1

Hey everyone! I've decided to actually tell you about the articles I write for other people, because I've been kind of slacking on that lately. Also, it's the reason I'm not posting on this blog quite as often as I used to, so you might as well be able to check them out. Here we go!

Ghastly Grinning: Horror Sommelier

On the web site dedicated to positivity in horror, I'm using my Fright Flashback sensibilities every month to pair the big theatrical releases with the perfect horror movie double feature.

Check out my article for August right here.

Dread Central: Brennan Went to Film School

In this column, I use film school analysis techniques to find the deeper meaning in horror movies, while still being as pithy and immature as always. Here are my articles from the past two months:

Aja's THE HILLS HAVE EYES Ain't Just About Bush

Whoops, I Went and Did a Queer Interpretation of PREDATOR

Alternate Ending: The New Digs!

I'm delighted to have been asked to join the crew at Alternate Ending, by far my favorite site for movie reviews and podcasts. It's shocking they didn't fire me immediately after turning this first article in:

Why Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again is the Must-See Movie of the Summer

Word Count: 214


  1. Fun stuff with Predator, B; though given the time period I dunno if they were playing up the aggressive homosocialty for kicks or to make fun of hypermasculine badass action, though, hell, I suppose it could be both. (Man, Dread Central is borderline unreadable on my poor phone, tho, and I wasn't able to get to the linked article by... Anya, was it? ah well.)

    I still say it's mainly a critique of American foreign policy.

    1. Well, it's MAINLY the best Alien/Aliens ripoff ever. But you get my drift.

    2. Well thank you for reading it anyway! Yeah, I have no clue how the site is formatted, myself. But they ain't paying me to critique their coding, so it ain't none of my business.

    3. I am somewhat sure it's less the site, more my phone. Sad, really.