Sunday, November 1, 2020

Census Bloodbath: 1983

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So, it's November, huh? We've finally waded our way through the 1982 portion of the Census Bloodbath marathon! I promise to do my utmost to make sure that this next one doesn't also take four years. For your sake and mine! 

1983 is actually a pretty slim year for the slasher movie (on the scale of the 80's, of course, so there are still 32 of the damn things), as the first wave of the Golden Age starts to wind down. In fact, this is the only year of the 80's that doesn't feature an entry from either Michael, Jason, or Freddy (catch ya next year, buddy!). It was also skipped by Leatherface, though it at least saw the much delayed return of Norman Bates. 

But that franchise dry spell doesn't mean there won't be some excellent entries! Hopefully! Below, you can behold the list of what we'll be covering in the upcoming months, which will be updated with links as we go along.

Census Bloodbath: 1983
Movies in bold are films I have already reviewed before posting this list.

Double Exposure (January)
Sketch/Xue zhong xue (January 6)
The House on Sorority Row (January 21)
Blood Beat (February)
Olivia (March)
Curtains (March 4)
Deadly Lessons (March 7)
10 to Midnight (March 11)
American Nightmare (March 18)
Killing of the Flesh (April 5)
The Final Terror (May 1)
Mausoleum (May 13)
Psycho II (June 3)
Mountaintop Motel Massacre (July 15)
A Blade in the Dark/La casa con la scala nel buio (August 6)
Boogeyman II (August 24)
Frightmare (September)
Sweet 16 (September)
Mortuary (September 2)
The Prey (November 4)
Sleepaway Camp (November 18)
Scalps (December)
Angst (unknown)
The Antwerp Killer (unknown)
Blödaren (unknown)
Hanging Heart (unknown)
The Last Night (unknown)
Momentos de Prazer e Agonia (unknown)
A Night to Dismember (unknown)
Skullduggery (unknown)
Sledgehammer (unknown)

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  1. Wow, I've seen very few of these, and only the rather obvious ones.