Thursday, September 12, 2019

Where Have I Been?

If you're somebody who only follows my blog and not my Twitter, you may have noticed how much the content has dried up in recent months. I've been writing and podcasting in a lot of other spaces, so I haven't had as much time to devote here. Rest assured that October is going to be as jam-packed as usual, but if you're missing me why not check out this recent run I did on Alternate Ending, picking through the highlights of the krimi genre (German proto-slasher films from the 60's)? Links are below!

Room 13 (1964)
Gorilla Gang (1968)

Cheers, and see you soon!
Word Count: 119


  1. And, well, you're in Italy and all ;)

    1. Speaking of that, Couper Samuelson says in the podcast, maybe there's an audience for erotic thrillers that Netflix could exploit, and he mentions their limited series "What/If".

      Well, I wanted to say, I don't know what "camp" is exactly but that show sure must live in the area. It's certainly pure trash. It looks like an erotic thriller at first, then it turns out it's not that, but anyway, episodes 1 and 2 were directed by none other than Philip Noyce, and it's very obvious they hired him because he directed "Sliver".

      Reneé Zellweger plays the villain in the main story-line, and if this was the 90s either Sharon Stone or Demi Moore ("Disclosure" Moore) would have played that role. In fact, the hook of the series is directly lifted from another Demi Moore 90s movie, and this is alluded to in dialogue, which was no doubt written to be said by Moore herself. I have to think the producers went after her (and Stone), but they couldn't reach an agreement. Somehow they ended up casting Zellweger. I have to say, she looks great and acquires herself very well.

      There are other two story-lines in the show that run parallel and they never intersect each other significantly. One of them is "I cheated on my husband with a psycho and now he wants to kill us". The other one is "drug-induced self-knowledge" or something, and it stars all gay characters. This one features like the Disney version of a gay threesome, right in episode 1 or 2. At least the guys are pretty hot.