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Census Bloodbath: 1984

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Well, well, well! Now that we're done covering the slasher films of 1983 and all of the ones we missed from 1980, 1981, and 1982, it's time to look forward into the bright glittering future that is 1984. 

1984 is the most Christlike of the slasher movie years because the genre had petered out and died by this point in the decade until one Mssr. Freddy Krueger swooped in toward the Fall and resurrected the entire enterprise with a wave of his clawed hand.

In fact, according to my research, not a single film was released in the first three months of the year, a dazzling stretch considering that there were only three months without a slasher over the entire first four years of the genre (April '80, December '81, and - weirdly - October '83). This year isn't particularly anemic, considering there are still 28 entries that came and went, but compared to the more fallow periods the slasher had and would have, that's downright paltry!

A reminder that, going forward, I'm still going to be focusing on less intensive capsule reviews for films, because that's all I have the strength and time for at the moment. But frankly, I'm still spitting out a startling word count, so I don't think you'll actually be suffering by me harnessing slightly more brevity.

Without any further ado, here is the calendar of all the gruesome glory you've got coming to you soon!

Census Bloodbath: 1984
Movies in bold are films I have already reviewed before posting this index. Once I write each review, I will link to it from this page.

They're Playing With Fire (April)
Calendar Girl Murders (April 8)
Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (April 13)
Murder-Rock: Dancing Death/Murderock - Uccide a passo di danza (April 20)
Death of the Jackal/La muerte del chacal (May 10)
Blind Date (June)
Scream for Help (July)
Fear City (July 18)
Basag ang pula (July 20)
The Mutilator (October 5)
Silent Madness (October 26)
Day of the Reaper (October 31)
Evil Judgment (November 9)
Silent Night, Deadly Night (November 9)
The Initiation (December)
Fatal Games (unknown)
Innocent Prey (unknown)
Rocktober Blood (unknown)
Satan's Blade (unknown)
Word Count: 423

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