Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Census Bloodbath: 1982

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Phew! We made it out of the slasher ghetto of 1981! While it's known as the Golden Year, the rather comprehensive scope of this project necessitated that I also visit the worst slasher entries imaginable, so that might be why it took me, oh, two years to finish that particular section... I gotta pick up the pace.

1982 isn't going to give me a chance to catch my breath, because although we've left the Golden Age behind, the slasher boom was still hitting America in full force, giving us the largest quantity of slasher movies in a single year in the history of cinema: a whopping 43. I guess it's time to get cracking and get over the hump! After this, Census Bloodbath will be a breeze, he lied.

So what does 1982 have on offer for us? Take a look...

Census Bloodbath: 1982
Movies in bold are films I have already seen but will review again. Once I write each review, I will link to it from this page.

Madman (January 1)
The Seduction (January 29)
Night Warning (February)
The New York Ripper/Lo squartatore di New York (March)
Shock: Evil Entertainment/Shock: Diversão Diabólica (March 12)
Hospital Massacre/X-Ray (April)
Pandemonium (April)
Silent Rage (April 2)
Death Screams (May)
Death Valley (May 7)
Visiting Hours (May 28)
Humongous (June 11)
Till Death Do Us Part (June 18)
Girls Nite Out (June 20)
Ghostkeeper (August)
Superstition (August 26)
The Incubus (August 27)
The Scorpion With Two Tails/Assassinio al cimitero etrusco (September 17)
Next of Kin (October)
The Slayer (October)
The Last Horror Film (October 9)
Tenebrae (October 28)
National Lampoon's Class Reunion (October 29)
Trick or Treats (October 29)
Blood Link (November 10)
Alone in the Dark (November 12)
Wacko (November 12)
Don't Go To Sleep (December 10)
Midnight (December 31)
Blood Song (unknown)
Boardinghouse (unknown)
Dark Sanity (unknown)
Deadly Games (unknown)
Devil Returns (unknown)
The Forest (unknown)
He Lives By Night/Ye jing hun (unknown)
Honeymoon Horror (unknown)
Unhinged (unknown)
Whodunit?/Island of Blood (unknown)
Word Count: 367


  1. It's a might undertaking, B, but you're the right guy for the job.

  2. Of this year, I've only seen Tenebre. So 82 is completely over my head. However, I have been needing to see Silent Rage, because I heard it's one of Chuck Norris' more underrated films. Do I smell a collaboration on that one?

    1. I would love to work together on Silent Rage! And if anything, you definitely need to see The Slumber Party Massacre. It's one of my favorites!